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Telesis 2


  • The Telesis 2 Student Training System is our second generation of student harness and container innovative design.
  • RI prides itself in providing equipment that is known for its quality, durability, superior design and cost effectiveness. This product is offered specifically for the purpose of training skydivers, taking you into the 21st century and beyond.
  • The system is user friendly, offers tremendous features, is rigger friendly, and an excellent investment.

The Container

  • Highlights include:
  • Transparent protector flap allows for quick visual inspection of the reserve pin


  • Highlights include:
  • Harness is quickly and easily adjusted and has three predetermined size locators
  • High density floating Leg Pads for increased comfort and greater adjustability

Building your Student System for your Operation

  • The harness and container is provided with all the component parts of the reserve and main.
  • To complete your package, you must "add" the cost of the main deployment parts for the type of training used at your drop zone.
  • For Example: If your training is AFF-BOC only, the price of the AFF-BOC parts must be added to the base price of the Telesis.

Note About Training Applications

  • If your training includes both "Free fall" with a main spring pilotchute and AFF-BOC the container can only be set up with ONE type of Main Over-ride Deployment (MOD) handle for the "off-side" jumpmaster.
  • You may choose either the MOD pillow handle for use with the spring pilotchute or the MOD loop handle for the throw-out pilotchute. The MOD handles are not interchangeable or compatible with either types of deployment.